10 common HR interview questions with answers for freshers

Read 10 common HR interview questions with answers for freshers. HR round play very important role in any Job interview, Job seekers should take it very seriously. Also remember that one should be well prepared for HR interview questions before appearing for any Job interview. and If you are fresher then preparation is must needed.In order to help you we have created this post.It covers frequently asked HR interview questions and answers. Also read Top 5 Job interview questions and their answers here.

HR Interview Questions
HR Interview

HR interview questions

Q1. Tell me something about yourself ?
Q2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q3. Why we will hire you or Why should we hire You?
Q4. Why do you want to work for us or our company ?
Q5. Why You want to Leave Your current Job or company?
Q6. Where do you see yourself 3 years or 5 years from now?
Q7. What motivates you?
Q8. What are your salary expectations?
Q9. How you work under pressure? can you handle work pressure?
Q10. Your interview is more or less done, do you wish to ask any question?

Selection process for Job in India

Selection process of job in India especially comprises of rounds like :

1. Written test or group discussion

2. Personal interview

3.Technical round (for specific roles)

4.HR interview

Once you are done with all other rounds, HR round comes in picture. You have to answer HR interview questions in brief to get the job. Getting nervous is perfectly fine, but you have to ensure that answers you are going to give will lead to get a job. Also remember always that your answers should sound smart enough. Read full article to get idea of HR interview questions and answers.

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NOTE: Please talk about relavant certifications,skills, qualifications wherever needed.

HR Interview questions:

Q1. Tell me something about yourself ?

Answer: This is the most common question asked in HR round of any job interview. Also please try to keep your answer to the point, short and specific.

Example answer 1:“Thank you, Sir/Ma’am for the opportunity to introduce myself. I am from ……………….City and belongs to a joint family. My father is a …………………………Employee or businessman.My mother is a homemaker. My younger brother will appear for his CBSE 12th board this year. On an individual front, I perceive myself as a confident and hardworking individual. I complete tasks assigned to me without any hesitation, provided the terms and conditions, instructions are clear and never hesitate to put forth my questions. I am a quick learner, and love to learn to find out better ways of solving problems. also I believe that improvement is always better than perfection!”

Don’t over do it, introduce yourself to the point.Don’t share too much information about yourself,be specific.

Example answer 2: I’m an IT consultant with 10+ yrs’ of experience gained in multiple sectors like , financial services,Telecom, retail, etc. On a daily basis, I handle a 15-members team of consultants and junior consultants. Besides being a IT consultant, I am an independent individual. I am not judgmental and always take constructive criticism, also always listen to my boss’ inputs, my client’s complaints as well as address my team issues, to best possible abilities.”

Q2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Also Remember interviewers don’t get impressed by sugar coated answers these days, so be careful while answering this question.

Example answer 1: “I have many strengths like – I am patient, committed towards work, honest , hard worker and self-motivated professional. I am a big dreamer ! I hate to keep grudges in heart and easily forgive others. My biggest weakness is that I don’t like anybody’s interruption when I am seriously into something. My Another weaknesses is that I trust very easily. As said, I am very patient,so I am proactively working on this weakness.”

Example answer 2: “I am very impatient and this is the reason i am a quick learner but this is a weakness i am honestly aware of that.I break down entire task into small assignments and then deliberate work to my team members. In my previous organization this process helped me to stay in budget and complete the entire task on time, I consider it as my strength.”

NOTE: In your HR interview questions and answers round don’t give confusing answers, but try to be specific and also answer to the point. Also highlight your skills which you think are best in you and have scope of improvement. Try to present relavant skills required for the job. Also remember HR person is not at all interested in knowing you, but he is rather interested in your capability to handle given situations.
HR interview questions and answers

Q3. Why we will hire you or Why should we hire You?

This is also very common question and gives great opportunity to stand out amongst others and explain HR how you can contribute to the organisation but the main point to remember is be specific.

Do research on company and the job description to find why company is hiring for the position. Also study What are the pain areas which new hired candidate is expected to resolve? Also You need to present yourself as you are the right candidate that can solve those problems. Given below is the answer you can give to this HR interview questions : like ,

Example answer 1: I have a good communication skills, also desired experience and all skills required for this job . If I get an opportunity to showcase these abilities, I will leave no stone unturned with my commitment , hard work and dedication.”

Be prepared with the best answer for HR interview question that why they select you.

Q4. Why do you want to work for us or our company ?

The interviewer want to judge your primary motivation for the job, That you are here just for growth or you see yourself as an integral part of the company and want to grow with it? You also need to showcase that you want to become “part of the family”.

Example Answer 1: “I truly believe in teamwork. When I got to know that there is an opening in your organization, I made sure that i apply for it . Being a team-player, I believe working in team to achieve set goals , It also drives success in the long run.My skills as a project manager and a team member will give work satisfaction.’

Q5. Why You want to Leave Your current Job or company?

This question can also make lot of candidates nervous. showcase what you learned from the past job experiences and what measures you have taken to address the reasons you were let go.

If you want to left voluntarily don’t forget to explain why- like ,

example: You want a different challenge

NOTE: Don’t lie if you are fired from your previous organisation, Also be honest and explain. Also never say negative about your last company or boss.

Q6. Where do you see yourself 3 years or 5 years from now?

Example answer 1: My goal is to find a career spot that ensures continue growth along with new challenges regularly 3 years from now, I see myself as an experienced and reliable senior in the team and 5 years from now, I assume that I will be ready to take up managerial responsibilities like product strategy. I want to have a stable career in a single organization and hope I will get the same wherever I start.”

Example answer 2: “I see myself working for a reputed company, at a higher position with budgeting power, good remuneration and perks, and with minimal interference.”

Q7. What motivates you?

Example answer 1: “I love speaking in front of public . Preparing and giving presentation in front of audience, and also interacting with them in question and answer session motivates me! This whole experience is so thrilling. As a Sales person, building connection with my audience is very important, inspiring and so exciting.”

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Q8. What are your salary expectations?

This is also very common among HR interview questions round.Here are few examples of answers you can also prepare like ,

Example answer 1: “My salary expectations are totally in line with current industry standards, based on my job experience and educational qualifications, certifications and skill set .”

Example answer 2: I am sure your organisation is already paying a particular package to someone who is in same position or level. Hence, would like to know your budget, if you do not mind. Accordingly, I can also put my salary expectations.”

Q9. How you work under pressure? Can you handle work pressure?

Sample answer 1: “I love to work under pressure. It will bring out the best as well as helps me to grow. I learn very fast and perform well when I have set deadline, because I have to plan accordingly.I can’t be lenient in pressure. I work in much organized way, also try hard to complete given tasks with efficiency. In my current job role, deadlines and ‘pressure are very common, and I have grown immune to them.”

Q10. Your interview is more or less done, do you wish to ask any question?

Never say NO i don’t want to ask anything, Because this is the worst answer one can give. Remember Job HR interview is conversation between employer and employee , where both the parties can interact. Best answer for fresher for this question is like :

Sample answer 1: Yes i do.

“How was your journey been so far in this company? How long does it usually takes a person to prove their potential here? Where is the company headed in the next years? What are the next steps to process further after the interview?”

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Hope these HR interview questions and answers will help you to prepare and also crack HR interview.Please comment below if have any other question or query, will try to give best answers .

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