Best Job Interview Tips 2020

Job Interview Tips, Best Job Interview tips 2020 for Job Seekers

Job interview Tips 2020

Job Interview Tips 2020: Things to do Before Appearing for an Interview

1. Study the Role you are applying for; Read job responsibilities of the role and think how you will fit into that role. Think a head the functional aspects involved with the role.

Identify your strengths which will help you to perform best in the role. Highlight your strengths in the Interview and make sure to the Interviewers that you are right fit for the role. Studying about the role will help you to answer the Interviewers question , “What do you know about this role?”

Situation: Give some examples to the story you are about to tell, Explain where you were and why you were there.

Task: Describe what you were doing and if you faced any challenges while doing it.

Action:explain the actions you took to finish the task and how you tackled challenges you faced.

Results: Finally at the end , reveal the outcome, which demonstrate your skills, what you achieved and also what you learnt from that situation.

Keep this method in mind and come up with a few go-to examples you can use in the interview. If you’ve done your research, you should be able to communicate and present these examples specifically to the role you are applying for.

2. Research and Study about the Company :Go through the website of company to study “what they are doing for business”. Identify the products/services the company offers.

Read mission and vision statements of Company. Read the latest news about the company to know where they are headed, Read about their leadership team, key customers.

This will help you to know more about the company you are applying. Researching about the organisation will help you to answer the question “What do you know about our company?”

Interview Tips 2020

3. Study your Resume/CV ; Make sure to go through your resume you have shared with the Interviewer. You may have several versions of the resume, make sure to go through the CV before appearing for the Interview. Sometimes Interviewers observes that candidates don’t know what they have written in their resume.

Be ready to answer any question that the Interviewer may have based on your resume.

If you are not confident enough to explain anything in the resume, then it is better to delete that before applying for job.

4. Write standard Interview Questions and Answers: write typical Interview Questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “Strengths and weaknesses” etc.It will help you to structure the way you want to present yourself and answer the question. Writing proper answer will give you confidence to face the Interview.

5. Be Well Dressed: Make sure you wear neet and clean dress. formal shirt and trousers. Ensure that the dress is comfortable. Try to smell good.

6. Prepare questions to Ask: Prepare question that you ask the Interviewer if you get a chance to ask.

7. Carry Copies of your Resume to the Interview.

Tips for Exceling in an Interview

1. Have a very pleasant smile in Interview room.

2. Greet all the Interviewers.

3. Have a firm handshake.

4. Carry 2 copies of your CV.

5. Be very confident.

6. Listen to the questions carefully. Always think before the answer.

7. Articulate clearly. Have enough pauses in between sentences.

8. Express your willingness to learn new things.

9. Express your eagerness to adapt to challenging tasks.

10. Never Panic.

11. It is OK to say “I DON’T KNOW”

12. Always express the urge to excel in the job

13. Be Ready to ask the right question to the Interviewer whenever you get a chance.

14. Thank the Interviewer while exiting the room.

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