GK General Knowledge questions and answers

GK General Knowledge Questions & Answers to improve your General Knowledge. Practice with our latest GK General Knowledge questions quiz March 2020 . GK questions also covers almost all important events national as well as international.

Make full use of all important GK quiz questions and answers updated here free of cost . This GK General Knowledge questions and answers blog will help you to succeed in all competitive Exams and job Interviews.

GK General Knowledge questions
GK Questions

Many Govt. job aspirants are searching for the GK Questions ,But most of you will not get the complete and appropriate source to find the General Knowledge Questions..

For all aspirants we have gathered hot topics of GK questions and answers like- Banking Awareness,Famous Days & Dates, National and international Sports, Art & Culture, Government Schemes, Awards & Honours, World Geography, Current Affairs etc. 

Therefore, you can get a way to explore more about Current affairs GK questions. Also remember the fact that the GK questions covered on this page are to help you to practice. There is no guarantee that only these questions are important.

Top GK General Knowledge questions and answers:

All GK questions Answers are marked with green color:

Q1. Where will the India Medical Device 2020 Conference & Exhibition being held?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Gujrat

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Uttar Pradesh

Q2. NASA released a photo of the mysterious hole on which Planet that can hold life ?

a) Jupiter

b) Venus

c) Mars

d) Mercury

Q3. What is the name of the scheme launched recently by PM Narendra Modi aims to provide nutritional support to pregnant women and adolescent girls?

a) Poshan Abhiyan

b) Beti Abhiyan

c) Indira gandhi Yojna

d) Suposhit maa Abhiyaan

Q4. ‘Chair of Excellence’ which is proposed at Department of Defence & Strategic Studies, is to be named after which Indian Air Chief Marshal?

a) Patap Singh

b) Arjan Singh

c) Bhadauriya

d) Norman Browne

Q5. When is the ‘Zero Discrimination Day’ observed annually across the world?

a) February 29

b) March 4

c) March 1

d) March 2

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Q6. Which university of India is the winner of Khelo India Games 2020?

a) Punjab University

b) Andhra University

c) Madras University

d) Delhi University

Q7. Richard John Pais was associated with which field? He also passed away recently.

a) Business

b) Politics

c) Literature

d) Technology

Q8. More Together’ Ad campaign is launched by which company in India ?

a) Twitter

b) Facebook

c) Instagram

d) Google

Q9. Which sanctuary has been declared as eco-sensitive zone recently?

a) Gir Sanctuary

b) National Chambal Sanctuary

c) Corbett national

d) Wildlife Sanctuary

Q10. Till March 2020, Bureau of Energy Efficiency has covered how many appliances under Star Labelling Programme?

a) 26

b) 24

c) 10

d) 12

Q11. The mobile app ‘Humsafar’ is associated with which service? It was also in news recently.

a) Taxi service

b) Food delivery service

c) Doorstep Fuel delivery

d) Flight booking app

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Q12. What does LTRO stand for which also help banks to reduce their lending rates?

a) Long term Reverse Operations

b) Long term Repo Operations

c) Long Term Rapid Operations

d) Long term Reverse Operatives

GK General Knowledge questions:

Q13. Which state government has put an end to the policy of granting service extension to its employees after retirement recently?

a) Punjab

b) Rajasthan

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Uttar Pradesh

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Q 14. Which country has signed a ‘Non-Aggression Pact’ with Sudan? 

a) Uganda

b) Kenya

c) South Sudan

d) South Africa

Q15. The sensitive index of National Stock Exchange of India is known as ?

a) Sensex


c) CSE

d) BSE

These GK General Knowledge questions with answers help you to prepare for competitive exams general awareness section. Check this page daily for more updated GK questions , GK quiz questions, Current affairs GK questions etc.

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