Top 5 Job Interview Questions 2020

Top 10 Job Interview Questions 2020

Top 5 job Interview Questions 2020 And How To Answer Them

Here are the Top 5 Job interview questions 2020 Which we are going to cover below:

Tell Me About Yourself
Why We Hire You?
What Is Your Greatest Strength?
Why Do You Want To Work For Us?
Why You want to Leave Your Last Job?

1.Tell Me About Yourself?

There are some Do’s and Dont’s which you need to take care while answering to this question.


  • Keep your answer to the point.
  • Be specific and tell the interviewer about where you are working now professionally, what you have learned from your past work experiences and then tell him about what makes you excited about this particular opportunity.
  • Do company research and See what strengths and qualities this Company is looking for. Try and show the interviewer you possess them in your answer (You can find these strengths or qualities by reading job description or through their website.)


  • Don’t dive and talk about your life story.
  • The Interviewer doesn’t want to hear about you “growing up on so and so place etc..etc..
  • Don’t talk about experience you may have that isn’t at all related to the job you’re interviewing for.
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2. “Why We Hire You?”

This is another very common question and gives you a great opportunity to stand out amongst other candidates and show the interviewer how you can contribute to the company.

The main thing to remember be specific.

Leverage your research on company and the job description to find exactly why the company is hiring for this position. What pain areas does the new hired candidate have to solve? You need to present yourself as you are the right candidate that can solve those problems.


  • Show interviewer that you are unique and best suited to fill the position. Be the candidate who can solve their “problems“.
  • Show them that you know significant details about the company and about their general practices as you have done research about the company and are prepared.
  • Tell a “success story” that highlights that you have the ‘qualities’ required to fill their specific requirements.


  • Don’t get demotivated if the interviewer says that “they have lots of qualified candidates” before they lead into this question. (It’s a common “lead in”)
  • Don’t be too modest. This is your chance to shine and stand out.
  • On the other side don’t go too overboard and sound too arrogant.
  • Don’t answer with “why” you want the job. Answer for “why you are the right fit” for the job.
Interview questions 2020

3. “What Is Your Greatest Strength?”

This is straight question to handle. Talk about your “strengths” in which the company puts a lot of value in.


  •   This your chance to relate your most impressive success story, so take advantage and answer well!
  • Highlight a strength that is related to the position offered. (As I mentioned earlier)
  • From your company research fand from the job description find out what strengths the company puts a lot of value into.


  • Do not make fake claims that you can’t illustrate with a fact.
  • Don’t be too modest but don’t claim to be Superman or Superwoman either.
  • Do not talk about strength that is not relavant to the job offered.

4.Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

The interviewer is trying to get at your primary motivations for wanting this job, That you are here just for a Cheque or you see yourself as an integral part of the company and growing with it? You need to showcase that you want to become “part of the family”.


  • Talk about specific things you like about the company. Do your homework before interview and find out the requirement of the company and share how you’re passionate about “fulfilling those requirements”.
  • Be complimentary. Most people enjoy being flattered. (Just don’t go overboard)
  • Show how your strengths perfectly aligned with the position offered and company’s culture.


  • Do not come off as a “hired gun” who may be leave in a few months.
  • Don’t say “because I need money.” (You’d be surprised how many job seekers think this is “cute” and actually answer this way. Don’t.)
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5. Why You want to Leave Your Last Job?

This question can make a lot of candidates nervous. show what you learned from the past experience and what measures you have taken to address the reasons you were let go.

If you want to left voluntarily be sure to explain why. For example: You want a different challenge


  • If it is because you want to left voluntarily then reference a specific reason that the company you are interviewing for has that you are attracted to. One that your previous employer didn’t have.
  • Words like “downsizing” and “budget cuts” and “bad economy” are good defenses if they are true and are the reasons for leaving the job.


  • Do not bash your last company or boss or anything along those lines.
  • Don’t say, “It’s time for a career growth and I’d like to try my hand at the job you are offering” or “I’m tired of doing the same old thing.” Give a pointed, Positive reason for why you want to head off itowards new direction.
  • Do not lie if you were fired.

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